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kiYour name: Tina
Your journal: jedisnickers
Your timezone: GMT -5
Muse's name:Lee Donghae
Muse's band: Super Junior (Super Junior M)
Muse's journal: littlefishyhae
Muse's screen name:  sexy hae xx


Donghae falls backwards and lets his skin hit the smooth bedsheets as he listened to the noises of Siwon and Henry outside in the kitchen discussing random nonsense, things were different in China...but for Henry it was better. Zhoumi most likely as well. It hurt the older singer to see the two teens hated on and yelled at for basically doing what they were told to do. He let out a breath of exasperation and sighs, did it always have to be this way? Why couldn't' they see that Super Junior WANTED to have Henry and Zhoumi with them? Why couldn't E.L.F. just try to understand? Donghae frowns, had he always been this angry and upset?

Why do I always keep my feelings inside? I need someone to tell this all too...just who?
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