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Your name: (forwarded to the mod)
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Muse's name: Liu XianHua/Henry Lau
Muse's band: Super Junior -M
Muse's journal: xianhua
Muse's screen name: synthetic amp


Being China for this past week had seemed like a dream. Only a week and so much had gone on. Early on this morning, the young violinist couldn't contain himself as he woke up with those butterflies in his stomach from realizing that this was his reality. Colorful socks stuck out from under sheets and soon Henry was shuffling about the room looking for his ipod. Sliding past his night stand across the wooden floor, he nearly lost his balance, but didn't, and grinned at himself for that.

What ensued after that was a barrage of musical notes blasting through his headphones so that only he could hear them. After all, he shares a room with some of the other members of his group so he didn't want to wake them. Finding the full length mirror on the back of the door, he gave himself a once over and then posed in a thoughtful pose. A beat and then another -- his shoulders were swaying to the beat and his feet were shifting from side to side. That's how it always started -- small steps, until he was full out dancing to one of his favorite Michael Jackson tunes in the mirror while everyone else slept. Too much energy for a morning maybe? But he loved mornings so he was ok with that, as long as no one caught him mid-dance.

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